Thursday, July 10, 2014

 Summer Time Prep

So I looked at my sad blog and realized it has been a whole year since I last posted.   That might give you a little indication of what my school year was like - VERY CHALLENGING!!  Well now that my daughters graduation is over, graduation party is done, my nieces' wedding is done and the fourth of July is over - wow we have been busy- I am ready to start planning and preparing for the next school year.  Today I scrubbed my chair pockets and sent them through the wash,   Unbelievable how dirty they get!

Here they all are drying on my living room floor!

I love these handy chair pockets.  They are from School Specialty and well worth the money.  It keeps my kiddos daily folder and pencil pouch neatly tucked away until we need them.  This also keeps my tables clutter free.  I used to use table caddies and I just didn't like all of the supplies visible.  Not only did it look cluttered, I would find that it was a distraction for some.  While I am explaining a lesson, etc. some of them just couldn't help themselves and would start to play with their supplies - drove me CRAZY!!

So now that I have clean pocket charts for the upcoming school year my next project is to make a new "fake" cake for birthday celebrations.  Sadly I had to throw away my old one.  After 6 years of use it just fell apart.  I will post pics of my new cake as soon as I get it done!!

How are you preparing and planning for the upcoming school year?

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