Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Correction on my Clip Chart Freebie

SOOOOO  I'm a little embarrassed!  I never ever claimed to be a great speller - as a matter of a fact if you look through many of my posts I am positive that you will find spelling errors.  What can I say - I am a terrible terrible speller.  I certainly never won a spelling bee.  Well there was a spelling error on my behavior clip chart.  So if you downloaded it before you need to go back to the post here and download it again.  So sorry everyone!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

100 Followers Freebie!

Okay, so I have been wanting to give all of you a freebie to celebrate 100 followers!  However, whenever I download my documents to google docs it comes out all distorted.  My font is different and all over the place.  I know the way to fix this is to convert it to a pdf, but my computer will not let me do it.  It is my school computer and that function is not on my computer and I can not download any pdf converter - not even the free ones.  SOOOO, with that said, I am putting my freebie here for you, but you will have to go in and change the font to work for you -- I am so sorry --- but this way it allows you to use the fun fonts that you wish to use.  I hope many of you can use this freebie

Clip Chart Download

I would love to know if you download it and if you were able to fix the font!  Enjoy!

Ooooh,   I just noticed that my polka dots on the large colored border did not show up.  When I made the sign I went into line color and clicked on the line that says "patterned line" and I was able to make that solid line a polka dotted line!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My DIY Behavior Clip Chart

So one of the things on my summer to do list is to make the behavior clip chart.  Here is a few pictures of what I have done so far.  My question is --- how do I hook them together?  I have seen them put together with the rings, or put onto ribbon.  I really like the ribbon idea, but will it lay flat?  And how do you adhere the cards to the ribbon?  Would hate to put a staple through the cards.  What about velcro tape?  Will it stick or will it pull off when they are clipping up and down?  Need some help and advice here!!!  Thanks in advance!

I printed up the signs and then glued them to colored card stock for durability - I still need to laminate

The "Outstanding" says "Top Notch Behavior"  I am planning on displaying their clips once the reach the top under a caption that says "Top Notch Students"  I will show a picture of that once I have it ready to go!  The "Great Day" says "You're being a great role model!"  and the "Good Day"  says "Showing Pride"

For the yellow card most of them say "Slow Down" or "Time Out"  or"Think About It"  I wanted to use "Reminder"  because to me it sounds more positive. 

So there it is!  Any suggestion on how to connect them?