Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Correction on my Clip Chart Freebie

SOOOOO  I'm a little embarrassed!  I never ever claimed to be a great speller - as a matter of a fact if you look through many of my posts I am positive that you will find spelling errors.  What can I say - I am a terrible terrible speller.  I certainly never won a spelling bee.  Well there was a spelling error on my behavior clip chart.  So if you downloaded it before you need to go back to the post here and download it again.  So sorry everyone!


Anonymous said...

What program/word application did you use to get the boarders? Thank you

Mrs. Egley said...

To Anonymous,

I did not use any special program to make the borders. It is just in word. It is a text box that has the lines colored and thickened. there is an option for "more line" in word. I just chose that and made them polka-dotted. Hope that answers your question.