Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Radar

Today is my sweet puppy's 2nd birthday.  You may recognize him as my ever faithful blog helper (see his adorable picture in my side bar?).  He enjoyed a birthday ice cream treat!!


Kindertrips said...

What a cutie- Happy Birthday!

AthenaPhoenix said...!! I have a golden retriever down on my feet right now as I type.

I'm a new follower...number 97!! You are so close to 100!

Strive to Sparkle

Mrs. Lundquist said...

How adorable! :)

Unknown said...

Omg such a cute doggie. My baby golden doodle is curled up at my feet as we type! I'm a new follower!


Kristin said...

He looks very happy to be getting older!